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Our tailored AI solutions, encompassing personalized AI chatbots, CRM automations, and optimized workflows, are meticulously crafted to amplify efficiency, cut down expenses, and enrich customer interactions.

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At Nurture Close, we are passionate about harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and automation to transform businesses and drive innovation. With our cutting-edge solutions and experienced team of experts, we help businesses of all sizes leverage AI and automation technologies to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and achieve sustainable growth.

Elevate Your Business - Revolutionize Customer Engagement with Intelligent Chatbots!

SMS Conversation

Chat Bots

Elevate engagement with instant responses and personalized updates. Our SMS Chatbot ensures swift and effective communication.

Facebook & Instagram

Messenger Bots

Boost your social media presence with real-time interactions on Facebook and Instagram. Nurture Close brings your brand closer to your audience effortlessly.

GMB Messaging


Optimize customer interactions on Google. Instantly address inquiries and provide business information with Our GMB Messaging Bot.

WhatsApp Messaging


Simplify communication on the world's preferred messaging platform. Nurture Close ensures efficient and personalized interactions for seamless connections.

Email Conversational

Chat Bots

Revolutionize email communication with automated responses. Our Email Chat Bots enhance efficiency, turning emails into engaging conversations.


Live Chat Widgets

Transform website visits into meaningful conversations. Our Live Chat Widgets enhance user experience, converting visitors into satisfied customers.

Unleash Boundless Sales Potential

with AI Power

AI-Powered Sales - What to Expect?

Seamlessly working with Nurture Close CRM, our AI springs into action the moment a lead comes in – qualifying them in minutes and even setting the stage for appointments.

  • Real-Time Lead Engagement: As soon as a lead pops in, AI gets to work, ensuring no opportunity is lost.

  • Qualification & Tagging: Leads are vetted and tagged automatically in Nurture Close, ensuring your sales team only engages the ripest opportunities.

  • Massive Outreach: Potential to call 10,000 people in just 30 minutes, amplifying your sales potential.

AI-Powered Sales Mastery - Transforming The Sales Paradigm

Embrace the ground breaking technology of Generative AI, tailored specifically to elevate your business and align perfectly with Nurture Close.

  • Authentic Voice: Our AI's voice is so lifelike, your leads will feel they're talking to a human. This authenticity helps build real connections.

  • Cutting-Edge Tech: We're at the forefront of using Generative AI in sales. This technology not only informs but also engages leads, handling objections and inspiring action like never before.

AI-Powered Appointment Booking- Innovate Your Scheduling

  • Seamless Client Interaction: Engage clients effortlessly through intuitive messaging, as AI guides them seamlessly through the appointment booking process, responding to queries with precision, and ensuring a user-friendly experience.

  • Intelligent Scheduling: Say goodbye to manual coordination. Let AI analyze client preferences and seamlessly match them with available time slots, streamlining the scheduling process for enhanced efficiency.

Platforms We Are Integrated With

Unlimited Bot & Projects

SMS Integration

This integration facilitates another layer of connectivity with clients, enhancing outreach and engagement through a widely used communication channel.

Contextual Intelligence

The AI's ability to understand and respond to different contexts in conversations makes interactions more relevant, personalized, and effective.

Always on 24/7

Nurture Close AI: Your 24/7 Sales Dynamo. Always on, never missing a beat, ensuring every sales opportunity and client engagement is captured, anytime, any day.

Easy Integrations​

The AI smoothly integrates with your existing platforms and channels, ensuring a cohesive and efficient operational flow.

Live Human Transfer

When necessary, the AI can transfer calls to a live human, combining the efficiency of AI with the nuanced understanding of human interaction.

Call Recordings & Notes

This feature ensures that all calls are recorded and notes are taken for future reference, aiding in quality control and training.

Our Happy Clients

How It Works

Say goodbye to the lengthy onboarding processes associated with agencies. Simply subscribe, add your project details, then watch us set up and we’ll be working on improvements within 42 business hours.


All new clients are allocated fulltime developers and AI consultants inside their dedicated Slack channel.

Process workshop

We kick off with a Discovery workshop where we breakdown your business to help us understand what process you use and how are you handling the leads, so we can build you an AI assistant accordingly.

Build timeline

From our workshop within 2-3 days you will receive a full complete build timeline with a list of solutions and priorities our team will be working on.

Build & integration

Once approved our team will build these systems and solutions around your business, training you on how they work.

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Nurture Close is the brand name under the company, “Brand It Like Media Inc.”

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